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Samara’s Dosha Quiz

The perfect balance of vata, pitta and kapha is essential for a life full of health and vitality.

Get to know your dog in a new way and learn more about the ayurvedic doshas!

Wholesome luxury for your dog

Bespoke gourmet food – 100% handcrafted in Germany.

Only fresh and first-choice groceries of human-grade quality are used to create our menus. Crafted in accordance to the synergetic recipes of Ayurveda Samara’s Menus are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

This contemporary, ayurvedic nutrition is a special benefit for dogs suffering from allergies, obesity and other health related issues. All products are grain-free (thus, gluten-free) and handcrafted to individually fit your dog’s constitution.
We buy the chicken and turkey meat from organic, free-range farms. The meat for our menus with duck, pheasant, rabbit and deer is sourced from wild animals living in German forests. It is all biodynamic by nature. Moreover, we buy fish and shrimp only from responsible and ASC-certified breeding.

For Samara’s Superfoods fresh berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs are carefully dried and ground to perserve their raw food quality. Made from purely natural sources such as acai, watercress, cale, turmeric or wheatgrass your dog will get the full amount of nutrients every day.

We want to offer the best nutrition experience for you and your dog, so we chose amber glass to maintain the guaranteed high quality of our products. Carefully cooked and preserved, best used within 12 months, hygienic and recyclable. Discover Samara’s one-of-a-kind products and treat your furry friend.

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Samara’s ayurvedic food was created to meet the highest standards. Are you a breeder and interested in feeding Samara’s to your puppies? Would you like to offer Samara’s products to your clients?

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